“Boo!” Book Review

Boo! Leslie Patricelli. Candlewick. 2015

The Halloween protocol for children is simple, give your little ones an unshakeable belief that monsters and ghosts aren’t real, then take them out on a night where monsters and ghosts roam the streets. You want candy? Well, kids, you’ll have to be a little bit brave. And to be a little bit brave, you’ll have to be a little bit scared. Nevertheless, little ones quickly learn to overlook the zombies, witches, and…princesses in favor of sugar bombs, tooth rotters, and gut punchers.

“Boo!” offers a micro-introduction to Halloween with bits on pumpkins, costumes, and overcoming fright for that sweet pirate’s booty. “Boo!” provides just enough story to deliver its message and introduce Halloween vocabulary related to costumes and parties.

Did I mention that this book is magical? While a perfect book for the youngest of the young, it also performs a beautiful trick for emergent readers. After they’ve listened to it a couple of times, kids will like to read it to you. Yes, it is simple, but captivating enough, so that kids can ‘memorize’ it, then use the pictures  as clues to read it back to you.

And the illustrations, they bring the cute. But what else would you expect from our favorite big-headed, diaper clad, world enthusiast? For a book that teaches vocabulary, pictures looking like what they represent is important. Patricelli nails it, and does so with her simple but expressive illustrations. With their big black lines and bright colorful fills, the illustrations made an impression on my kids, who now do their best to imitate the style.

The perfect Halloween book for the super young and the just starting to read.


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