“Daisy Saves Halloween” Book Preview

Daisy Cover

Daisy Saves Halloween. Michael Grigsby and Christmas Wong (Illustrator) GiMi Books, 2015.

What monster do parents fear most? The evil temper tantrum. When can it strike? Anytime, anywhere, even on Halloween. “Daisy Saves Halloween” is the first book published by our affiliates at GiMi Books. So, this is a book preview rather than review. For a biased review we would probably say, “best book ever, best illustrations ever.”

Daisy Clapping

Along with a celebration of a fun holiday, this book aims to give an example of one of life’s most important skills: facing inner storms with outer calm and making hysterics history. Daisy gets some help learning to think rather than react when her Halloween party runs into some problems.

Daisy Apple

The illustrator, Christmas Wong, made these eye-catching illustrations with acrylic, pastel, and felt. With a cute and extraordinarily unique visual sense. We are proud to present this book.

It is available to purchase here. Keep your eyes open for traditional and simplified Chinese versions coming soon!


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